Michael B., 5-star BBB Review

AMSTAT Consulting was highly recommended to me by one of their clients, who told me they possessed a very sharp eye for detail. I found AMSTAT Consulting to be highly accommodating and proactive. Their vast editing experience, extensive backgrounds in statistics and biostatistics, a very firm grasp of grammar, and constructive feedback assisted greatly in fine-tuning my dissertation. They provided very helpful insights into the dissertation structure and layout. I recommend AMSTAT Consulting highly enough as the company that strives to make any written academic submission achieve its potential. I received a very strong 1st class honors grade for my dissertation.

Michael B

Ross Z., 5-star BBB Review

I am very impressed with this service because of the seriousness it displays. I got a top-notch paper, and I urge you to keep on with the good spirit.

Ross Z

Tom J., 5-star BBB Review

They did an excellent job conducting linear regression using SAS. They successfully ensured that the assumptions of linear regression were met. They drafted an excellent results document, including accurate tables and figures. They had expert knowledge to explain the results, so we could easily understand them.

Ross Z

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