Eun (Ann) Um, PhD

President and CEO

Eun (Ann) Um has a PhD from Columbia University and master’s degrees from Stanford and Columbia Universities. She serves on the EPA Human Studies Review Board, a federal advisory committee. Additionally, she has previous experience designing and managing clinical trials at Harvard Medical School. She was also an assistant professor at the University of Texas. She has published numerous books and papers.

David Fetterman, PhD

Advisory Board Chair

David Fetterman has two master’s degrees and a PhD from Stanford. He was a professor at Stanford. In addition, David served as director of evaluation at Stanford Medical School. He has received numerous awards and published more than 150 books and articles. He has also contributed to various encyclopedias, and his op-ed pieces appear in newspapers. Additionally, David is frequently requested for radio interviews. He is also a famous speaker in medical research and evaluation.

Alex Liu, PhD

Advisory Board Vice-Chair

Alex Liu has a master’s degree and a PhD from Stanford. He serves as an advisor to the Harvard Data Science Review at Harvard. In addition, Alex worked as a research fellow at Stanford, an adjunct assistant professor at USC, and a chief data scientist for IBM research. He is well-regarded as a thought leader and distinguished data scientist, certified by IBM and the Open Group. He has published numerous books and papers.

Our Management Team

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