May 10, 2022 –(– AMSTAT Consulting is a legit American company that provides statistical and biostatistical consulting, academic consulting, biometrics services, qualitative analysis, data management, and analytics headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Its principals have doctorates from Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and MIT.

After getting a doctorate from Columbia University and master’s degrees from Stanford and Columbia Universities, Dr. Eun (Ann) Um designed and managed clinical trials at Harvard Medical School. She saw how major hospitals made a difference when working at Harvard Medical School. As a result, Dr. Um founded AMSTAT Consulting to make a difference in her community, industry, and the world by helping numerous people.

AMSTAT Consulting has served 33,000-plus clients, including Apple, Harvard Medical School, Yale School of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Mayo Clinic. The company has been in business for 17 years.

With strategic vision and creativity, Dr. Um’s leadership enabled AMSTAT Consulting to reach its most profitable quarter in Q1 2022. This increased revenue has set AMSTAT Consulting on a continual growth path.

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Customer supportĀ 

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