Dissertation Chapter 5: Discussion

Concisely reiterate the purpose and nature of the study and why it was conducted.
Concisely summarize key findings.
Interpretation of the Findings
Describe how findings confirm, disconfirm, or extend knowledge in the discipline by comparing them with what has been found in the peer-reviewed literature described in chapter 2.
Analyze and interpret the findings in the context of the theoretical and conceptual framework, as appropriate. Ensure interpretations do not exceed the data, findings, and scope.
Limitations of the Study
Describe the limitations to trustworthiness that arose from the execution of the study. These should be used to revise what was written in chapter 1 for the proposal.
Describe recommendations for further research grounded in the strengths and limitations of the current study and the literature reviewed in chapter 2. Ensure recommendations do not exceed study boundaries.
Positive Social Change
·   Describe the potential impact for positive social change at the appropriate level (individual, family, organizational, and societal/policy).
·   Ensure implications for social change do not exceed the study boundaries.
Describe methodological, theoretical, and empirical implications as appropriate.
Describe recommendations for practice, as appropriate.
Provide a strong “take-home” message that captures the critical essence of the study.