Disrupt Magazine — A brilliant strategy, breakthrough technology, or blockbuster product can put your business on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. Dr. Eun Um believes that an entrepreneur has to be able to deliver on their intent. Unfortunately, most businesses are not good at this based on their admission. It is important to note that execution results from thousands of decisions made every day. Executives can utilize solid building blocks to influence most of these actions, ranging from designing information flows and changing structures to aligning employees’ motivators. The execution might be the secret to the prosperity of a business.

Dr. Um is the founder and CEO of AMSTAT consulting. This multimillion-dollar company provides many clients with statistical and biostatistical consulting, academic consulting, biometrics services, qualitative analysis, data management, and analytics services. The success of this establishment has been centered on three aspects: customer orientation, accuracy, and high quality. AMSTAT Consulting helps its clients improve their research while offering insights on how to interpret and analyze data. Dr. Um has been in this line of business for 17 years. She has managed to build on her management approaches as a leader. She insists execution is the secret to the growth and profitability of AMSTAT Consulting.

As pointed out by Aristotle, excellence is never an accident. Instead, it results from the sincere effort, high intention, and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Thus, choice, not chance, determines our destiny. Executing a business strategy is more about implementing a conceptualized plan to achieve organizational goals. One of the keys to successful execution is committing to a plan. This commitment is an operational cue that has been adopted internally at AMSTAT Consulting, with Dr. Um offering her guidance on how to do it every time. She points out that almost everyone has a good idea of the actions and decisions. It is usually up to her to ensure the overall plan for the organization is clear and admissible.

Execution is crucial because it showcases the intention of a business. It is a realistic opportunity for an entity to prove its competency, experience, and worth to all stakeholders. Through execution, a company interacts with its clients, actively learning how to become better in a particular activity. AMSTAT Consulting understands that it cannot thrive unless it consistently improves customer focus. This improvement cannot happen without executing predetermined plans. Dr. Um says that strategy is a commodity that every business should have, but the execution is an art that few know how to curate.

AMSTAT Consulting ensures that it works with a plan. It is apparent that through the guidance of Dr. Um, all aspects are carefully executed to ensure dominance in the market and the industry.