AMSTAT Executive Voice

REDX Magazine -- Entrepreneurs often visualize an opportunity gap between what could exist and what exists. Dr. Eun Um believes that for an entrepreneur to be effective, especially during turbulent moments, they must develop problem-solving skills. These skills enable them to use innovation and creative solutions to close that opportunity gap by resolving societal, technological, and business problems. Most entrepreneurs’ problem-solving preferences depend on their personality characteristics, efficiency, and conformity. Dr. Eun Um, president and CEO of AMSTAT Consulting, says that she enjoys generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. Dr. Eun Um’s company has been operational for 18 years, actively interacting with clients from different [...]


UBJ -- Whether you’re looking for that perfect job, trying to make the most of your current job, or building a business all on your own, you must redirect some of your energy to develop your career. Most of us get quickly excited at first, ready to take on the world, but that feeling can be challenging to sustain over time. Successful entrepreneurs will attest to how they seek inspiration from different sources to rejuvenate themselves- to feel alive, mostly during tough times. This theme defines the career journey of Dr. Eun Um. Dr. Um is the President and CEO of AMSTAT Consulting, a company that provides statistical and biostatistical [...]

Insights from AMSTAT’s CEO

Disrupt Magazine -- A brilliant strategy, breakthrough technology, or blockbuster product can put your business on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. Dr. Eun Um believes that an entrepreneur has to be able to deliver on their intent. Unfortunately, most businesses are not good at this based on their admission. It is important to note that execution results from thousands of decisions made every day. Executives can utilize solid building blocks to influence most of these actions, ranging from designing information flows and changing structures to aligning employees’ motivators. The execution might be the secret to the prosperity of a business. Dr. Um is the [...]

AMSTAT Consulting’s expansion

Daily Wire -- AMSTAT Consulting plans to double its employees. Dr. Eun Um, president and CEO of AMSTAT Consulting, said, "AMSTAT Consulting will increase its diverse workforce and partnerships." After getting a doctorate from Columbia University and master's degrees from Stanford and Columbia Universities, Dr. Um designed and managed clinical trials at Harvard Medical School. When working at Harvard Medical School, she saw how major hospitals promoted diversity and inclusion. As a result, she founded AMSTAT Consulting, a statistical consulting company, to enhance diversity and inclusion and make a difference in her community, industry, and the world by hiring diverse talent. AMSTAT Consulting provides statistical and biostatistical consulting, academic consulting, [...]

AMSTAT’s CEO serves at the EPA

Daily Wire -- Dr. Eun Um, president and CEO of AMSTAT Consulting, was initially appointed to serve a three-year term as a U.S. EPA's Human Studies Review Board (HSRB) member and was reappointed for a second term. The HSRB is a federal advisory committee. The HSRB reviews and comments on all proposed and completed third-party research. Dr. Um has a doctorate from Columbia University and master's degrees from Stanford and Columbia Universities. Her professional experience includes designing and managing clinical trials at Harvard Medical School. She has published numerous books and papers and is known for contributing to various statistical analyses. Dr. Um said, "It is such an honor." She [...]

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