Qualitative Dissertation Consulting

Qualitative Data Analysis

We are happy to provide the dissertation consulting you need at any or all of the following steps:

  • Establishing and operationalizing your research questions
  • Providing ample instruction on the methods used
  • Coding, thematizing, and providing reporting of findings for a study
  • Identifying themes and sub-themes
  • Coding documents to count the word-phrase clusters
  • Creating a word-phrase cluster in the form of classified conceptual categories to count those conceptually categorized words or phrases
  • Addressing specific subthemes that the thematic constructs have
  • Providing numerical frequencies and standard scores for each master theme and sub-theme
  • Writing up all results, including APA tables and figures
  • Explaining the results
  • Allowing unlimited e-mail and phone support.


We use various qualitative analysis software packages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Nvivo
  • Nud*ist
  • HyperResearch
  • Atlas

Chapter 4: Results

Review the purpose and research questions.
Preview chapter organization.
Pilot Study (If Applicable)
Describe the conduct of the pilot study.
Report any impact of the pilot study on the main study (for example, changes in instrumentation and data analysis strategies).
Address each research question (chapter may be organized by research question or patterns or themes).
Present data to support each finding (e.g., quotes from transcripts, documents).
Discuss discrepant cases/ non-confirming data as applicable.
Include tables and figures to illustrate results, as appropriate, and per the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
Summarize answers to research questions.
Provide transition to chapter 5.