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Statistical Consulting


Our successful clients cite these reasons for choosing to work with AMSTAT Consulting.

  • Our principals have PhDs in statistics from leading universities, such as HarvardStanford, and Columbia. In addition, they include nationally renowned scholars who are also talented professors. Thus, they have extensive backgrounds in statistics and biostatistics.
  • Our consultants have an average of 25 years of practical experience in evaluation.
  • They are experts in evaluation (e.g., process, formative, impact, outcome, and summative evaluation).
  • Our fees usually pale in comparison to the savings and additional profits that our work produces for our clients.
  • Over 90% of our clients request our assistance more than once, as our clients are almost universally happy with our different brands of evaluation.
  • We offer personalized, comprehensive, and friendly support during and after your consultation with us.

Our Services

Clinical Data Management

We are happy to provide the help you need at any or all of the following steps in earning the answers you request:

  • developing a detailed program evaluation management plan;
  • reviewing program documents and records;
  • conducting pre-program development (needs assessment) evaluation;
  • conducting process or formative evaluation;
  • conducting impact, outcome, or summative evaluation;
  • conducting site and classroom observations;
  • conducting focus group interviews;
  • conducting surveys;
  • leading site evaluation team meetings;
  • inputting, organizing, and cleaning the data;
  • implementing data analysis;
  • developing written evaluation reports;
  • presenting evaluation results to a governing board.


Evaluation encourages us to examine the operations of a program, including which activities take place, who conducts the activities, and who is reached as a result. In addition, evaluation will show how faithfully the program adheres to implementation protocols. AMSTAT Consulting can conduct several types of evaluations. Some of them include the following:

Process Evaluation

We can determine whether program activities have been implemented as intended. We can evaluate how well the program is working, the extent to which the program is being implemented as designed and whether the program is accessible and acceptable to its target population. Results of a process evaluation will strengthen your ability to report on your program and use information to improve future activities. It allows you to track program information related to Who, What, When and Where questions:
• To whom did you direct program efforts?
• What has your program done?
• When did your program activities take place?
• Where did your program activities take place?
• What are the barriers/facilitators to implementation of program activities?

statistical consulting

Formative Evaluation

We can ensure that a program or program activity is feasible, appropriate, and acceptable before it is fully implemented. We can conduct it when a new program or activity is being developed or when an existing one is being adapted or modified.

statistical consulting

Outcome Evaluation

Outcome evaluation measures program effects in the target population by assessing the progress in the outcomes or outcome objectives that the program is to achieve. We can measure the program goal. We can measure how well the program goal has been achieved. Some questions we can address with an outcome evaluation include:
• Were medical providers who received intensive STD training more likely to counsel, screen, and treat patients effectively than those who did not?
• Did the implementation of STD counseling in community-based organizations result in changes in knowledge, attitudes, and skills among the target population members?
• Did the program have any unintended (beneficial or adverse) effects on the target population(s)?
• Do the benefits of the STD activity justify a continued allocation of resources?

Impact Evaluation

Impact evaluation assesses program effectiveness in achieving its ultimate goals. We can examine the degree to which the program meets its ultimate goal. We can provide evidence for use in policy and funding decisions.

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Summative Evaluation

We can help answer questions such as: Do you continue the program?, If so, do you continue it in its entirety?

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Cost-Benefit Evaluation

We can compare program outputs and/or benefits to input costs to provide a ratio of cost to benefit.

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