Our successful clients cite these reasons for choosing to collaborate with AMSTAT Consulting:

  • We have PhDs in statistics at leading universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.

  • We include nationally renowned scholars who are also talented professors.

  • Our statistical consultants have extensive backgrounds in statistics and over 100 years of practical experience in quantitative methods.

  • Our statisticians are experts in statistical analysis such as t-test, ANOVA, traditional regression, logistic regression, MANCOVA, factor analysis, cluster analysis, survival analysis, time series analysis, canonical correlations, discriminant analysis, and more advanced statistical techniques such as structural equation modeling (SEM), hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), and path analysis.

  • Our analysts are experts in statistical programming languages such as SPSS, SAS, Stata, HLM, Mplus, R, SPSS Amos, SPSS Modeler, Azure, JMP, Python, WinBUGS, Minitab, SYSTAT, LISREL, EQS, Smart PLS, WarpPLS, EViews, and many others.

  • Our fees are usually pale compared to the savings and additional profits our work produces for our clients.

  • Over 90% of our clients request our assistance more than once, as they are almost universally happy with our unique consulting brand.

  • We are more reasonably priced than most other consultants offering statistical consulting.

  • We offer personalized, comprehensive, and friendly support during and after you consult with us.

  • We offer ultra-fast turnaround times, often completing sections within 4-5 business days.

  • We are members in good standing of the Statistical Consulting section of the American Statistical Association.


We are happy to provide the statistical consulting you need at any or all of the following steps in earning the data-based answers you request:

  • Establishing and operationalizing your hypotheses and research questions

  • Providing ample instruction on the methods used

  • Inputting, organizing, coding, merging, managing, and cleaning your data

  • Determining the ideal sample size

  • Conducting analyses and assessing assumptions to examine your research questions

  • Testing reliability (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, inter-rater reliability)

  • Testing validity (e.g., convergent validity, construct validity, discriminant validity)

  • Writing up all the results, including tables and figures

  • Providing syntax and raw output file

  • Explaining and interpreting the results

  • Allowing unlimited e-mail and phone support to ensure that you completely understand the results of the analysis

  • Conducting two rounds of incidental statistics (i.e., if you would like additional statistics)

  • Providing unlimited revisions free of charge for ten days

  • Supporting you until your project is complete.

statistical consulting

Statistical Consulting – Data Management

Our statistical consulting team can detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records in your database. The data cleaning process includes data auditing, workflow specification, workflow execution, post-processing, and control. Popular methods include parsing, data transformation, duplicate elimination, and statistical methods. Data analysis using mean, standard deviation, range, and clustering algorithms can reveal unexpected and erroneous values.

Our statistical consultants can examine any standardized residual greater than 3 in absolute value, Hat element greater than 3p/n (p=k+1, k degrees of freedom), a Cook’s distance > 1, and Mahalanobis’s distance for a case. They can run Outlier Analysis such as a run-sequence plot, a scatter plot, a histogram, and a box plot.

statistical consulting

Statistical Consulting – Tests for Reliability & Validity

Our statistical consulting team can test reliability (such as Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, and inter-rater reliability) and validity (such as content validity, construct validity, criterion validity, internal validity, and external validity).

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Statistical Consulting – Data Analysis

Our statistical consulting team can design and perform the required statistical analyses. Here is a sample of some of the analytical tools with which they are familiar:

  • linear, logistic, and hierarchical regression analysis

  • correlation analysis

  • chi-square testing


  • structural equation modeling (SEM), multilevel SEM, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), multilevel CFA

  • factor analysis, principal component analysis

  • time series analysis

  • Cox regression, Kaplan-Meier survival analysis

  • hierarchical linear modeling (HLM)

  • meta-analysis

  • Bayesian analysis

  • latent class analysis

  • longitudinal growth modeling

  • mixture models

  • linear mixed models

  • distribution analysis

  • predictive analytics

  • ensemble analysis

  • de-identification

  • trend analysis

  • sensitivity analysis

  • negative binomial regression

  • interim analysis

  • decision trees

  • item analysis

  • nonparametric tests

  • statistical and decision modeling

  • MaxDiff

  • segmentation and cluster analysis

  • conjoint/discrete choice

  • propensity score analysis

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Statistical Consulting – Software

Our statistical consulting team has expertise with virtually every statistical software package, including:

  • SAS

  • SPSS

  • Stata

  • R

  • Mplus

  • HLM

  • Python

  • SPSS Amos

  • SPSS Modeler


  • JMP

  • WinBUGS

  • Minitab



  • EQS

  • Smart PLS

  • WarpPLS

  • EViews



“AMSTAT Consulting is a perfect example of poise, understanding, and patience. They diligently follow up and never lose their calm. I had a hundred questions and countless demands, and they took their time to listen and implement every one of my demands. I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting!”

Ibrahim Mohammed, Former Health Specialist

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“We have been very pleased with working with AMSTAT Consulting. The service was custom-tailored and completed on time. The statistical report was detailed with excellent tables. The service cost was affordable for a start-up company such as EndoLogic! They are very detail-oriented and like to know the project thoroughly that is being analyzed.”

Zamir S. Brelvi, CEO

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Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“They have been instrumental in helping with our statistical needs. In addition to their professionalism, they have been prompt and thorough with our requests. Their work is impeccable, and I recommend their services to anyone needing assistance with methods or interpretation. We plan on using AMSTAT Consulting for our future needs, and I am thrilled to have been introduced to them.”

Raj Singhal, Research Director of Pain Management

statistical consultingPhoenix Children’s Hospital

Mount Royal University

“I have worked closely with AMSTAT on the data analysis/results of two research projects, so I know their expertise. The company provided reliable statistical analysis/results to translate into a publishable format on all accounts. They are conscientious experts who provide keen insights into appropriate statistical analysis given various data sets. I highly recommend them for your statistical support needs.”

Vincent Salyers, Former Dean (Current Dean of Arizona College of Nursing)

statistical consultingMount Royal University

Prisma Health

“We needed statistical analysis of research data. They called me and explained the process involved in data analysis. They were always very prompt, helpful, and intelligent and took the time to explain the various tests used in data analysis. Thank you so much!! We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Haritha Boppana, Physician

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Ibrahim M., 5-star Trustpilot Review

AMSTAT Consulting is a fantastic statistical consulting firm. Their work was professional, my needs were met, and where my wants were faulty, they were professional enough to guide me to the best outcome. I recommend this service to everyone!

Steve T., 5-star Trustpilot Review

My colleague recommended AMSTAT Consulting because he was satisfied with its service. Its team of PhDs did an excellent job. They successfully analyzed our data using SPSS and helped us publish the fantastic results in a journal article. They exceeded our high expectations.

Mohamed H., 5-star Trustpilot Review

Extremely professional. Attends to your project needs with skills and expertise. Pays attention to all details. Offers suggestions and recommendations for better and more effective use of your data. Creative and sincere. Thank you very much.

George F., 5-star Trustpilot Review

We were very impressed with their outstanding performance. They have done a very good job. I was somewhat impressed that they programmed the analysis very well. Their work concerning motivation and physician performance has significant implications for medicine nationally. They are hard-working consultants with a genuine interest in statistical consulting. They are responsible and get their work done on time. On a personal level, they are pleasant to work with. I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting’s service to any researcher.

James, 5-star Trustpilot Review

They are the most qualified consultants with excellent backgrounds. They successfully analyzed our data and interpreted the results. We were very impressed with their outstanding knowledge regarding various analyses and software.

Andrzej, 5-star Trustpilot Review

Amazing experience. We had an outline for a scheduling tool we were trying to create, and AMSTAT Consulting’s consultants gave suggestions and completed the project perfectly.

Arial B., 5-star Trustpilot Review

They offer a unique combination of bright professionals who are also patient and talented advisors. We were very impressed by their performance. I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting whether your team wants to learn predictive analysis or needs additional expertise in solving one of your most difficult challenges.

Paul F., 5-star Trustpilot Review

AMSTAT Consulting is amazing, and Ann is a statistical angel. She is unbelievably accurate and extremely helpful. She answered every question I’ve ever had and never made me feel bad for asking. Her guidance and assistance are unmatched. She listens closely and is available by phone if you need further clarification. She has been an advisor, a friend, a mentor, and a savior. I was referred to her by a friend who had a similar experience. While I would like to think that I am her favorite, I’m afraid I am not. She treats everyone with the same love and delivers quality service to all. If you are looking for someone to relieve your stress, take your hand, and guide you to the promised land, I highly recommend her. She is prompt, efficient, and a literal genius. And if the price has you on the fence or is deterring you, please take my advice and know that it is worth every penny.

Mark L., 5-star Manta Review

I had a great experience working with AMSTAT Consulting. The statisticians at AMSTAT Consulting were very quick to respond to my emails. The statistical knowledge was explained well. I recommend working with AMSTAT Consulting.

Kay M., 5-star Manta Review

They did a great job on regression analysis. This analysis provided great insight and will continue to help me make better decisions. I am confident in saying that they have helped move me forward.

James S., 5-star Manta Review

They are highly educated consultants. They implemented complicated analyses very well. They successfully explained the results. They are the best.

Mark B., 5-star Manta Review

They came through with all they promised, and their guarantee to satisfy the customer came through every time in my transactions. They helped us with regression analysis, and we will use them in the future without questions. Their employees are very professional and friendly. A+++ in our eyes.

Kira G., 5-star Google Review

They are always super responsive and reliable! They have been a great help!

Tom J., 5-star BBB Review

They did an excellent job conducting linear regression using SAS. They successfully ensured that the assumptions of linear regression were met. They drafted an excellent results document, including accurate tables and figures. They had expert knowledge to explain the results, so we could easily understand them.

John R., 5-star Yelp Review

I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting. The doctoral-level consultants at AMSTAT Consulting were professional, quick to respond, and easygoing. Their statistical knowledge is solid, and I learned a lot from them. AMSTAT Consulting is the best company ever.

Carey W., 5-star Facebook Review

I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting. They possess the total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, and a results-driven mindset. They have led numerous projects that have helped our company maximize marketing efforts. The quality has been superior, and their client-service attitudes are tremendous. Their data analysis, writing, editing, project management, positive attitude, and continuous assistance were tremendous.


  • binomial logistic regression

Allergic Patients

A global pharmaceutical company engaged our statistical consulting team to investigate the effect of allergies on treatment responses. We performed linear regression using Stata to examine this, ensuring all relevant assumptions were met. Our results indicate a statistically significant effect of allergies on treatment responses.

  • binomial logistic regression

Firm Type

A leading technology company approached us to investigate whether there was a significant difference in performance based on firm type. Our hypothesis was as follows: H1: There is a significant difference in performance based on firm type. We conducted an ANOVA using Stata to test this hypothesis, ensuring that all [...]

  • independent-samples t-test

Relative Risk of Lung Cancer

We compared the difference in relative risk (RR) of lung cancer between the intervention and control groups. We performed an ANOVA using SPSS after ensuring that its assumptions were met. The intervention group exhibited an increase in RR of lung cancer from pre to post. In contrast, the control group showed [...]

  • Paired-Samples T-Test

Marketing Strategy

A global marketing firm hired our statistical consultants to examine a difference in consumer behavior and brand image based on marketing strategy. Our analysis revealed a statistically significant difference in consumer behavior and brand image based on marketing strategy. To ensure the validity of our results, we performed a MANOVA [...]


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