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Our team of statisticians can help you choose the correct methods, analyze your data, and provide expert feedback. We use a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality results.

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Research Methodology

Our statistical consulting team can provide ample instruction on the methods used. For example, we can determine the sample size using a power analysis. In addition, our statistical consulting team can operationalize your hypotheses and research questions. This instruction can help you get the most accurate results from your data.

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Data Management

Our experienced statistical consulting team can input, organize, code, merge, clean, and manage your data. Additionally, we can create composite scores, deal with missing data, and label data. This data management can help you get ready for analysis and avoid any potential headaches down the road. Our data transformation and duplicate elimination services can help improve your data accuracy, clean up your database, and prepare your data for analysis.

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Data Analysis

Our statistical consulting team can provide the statistics you need to answer your research questions. We specialize in statistical analysis, including:

  • linear, logistic, and hierarchical regression analysis

  • correlation analysis

  • chi-square testing


  • structural equation modeling (SEM), multilevel SEM, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), multilevel CFA

  • factor analysis, principal component analysis

  • time series analysis

  • Cox regression, Kaplan-Meier survival analysis

  • hierarchical linear modeling (HLM)

  • meta-analysis

  • Bayesian analysis

  • latent class analysis

  • longitudinal growth modeling

  • mixture models

  • linear mixed models

  • distribution analysis

  • predictive analytics

  • ensemble analysis

  • de-identification

  • trend analysis

  • sensitivity analysis

  • negative binomial regression

  • interim analysis

  • decision trees

  • item analysis

  • nonparametric tests

  • statistical and decision modeling

  • MaxDiff

  • segmentation and cluster analysis

  • conjoint/discrete choice

  • propensity score analysis

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Our statistical consulting team can provide you with customized statistical consulting and analysis using a variety of software packages, including:

  • SAS

  • SPSS

  • Stata

  • R

  • Mplus

  • HLM

  • Python

  • SPSS Amos

  • SPSS Modeler


  • JMP

  • WinBUGS

  • Minitab



  • EQS

  • Smart PLS

  • WarpPLS

  • EViews

statistical consulting

Reliability and Validity

Our statistical consulting team can help you determine if your results are reliable and valid. For example, we can test reliability (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, inter-rater reliability) and validity (e.g., content validity, construct validity, criterion validity).

statistical consulting


Our statistical consulting team can help you understand your research results, explain the findings, and provide you with syntax and raw output files. We can also write the results section of your report. The typical results section includes the following:

  • Report descriptive statistics;

  • Evaluate statistical assumptions;

  • Report statistical analysis findings;

  • Include tables and figures.


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