independent-samples t-test

Forecasting Sales

Google entrusted us with a critical mission – to forecast new site sales based on an analysis of data and the historical performance of existing operating companies. The client sought to make informed investment decisions by assessing the probability of achieving high returns on investments in new ventures. A rich dataset from 65110 records underpinned […]

binomial logistic regression

Online Conversation

Facebook hired our team to understand relevant online conversations and identify their discussion patterns. We analyzed a dataset of 6103 records over a four-year study period to accomplish this. The guiding research question was, “How do we understand the relevant online conversation and discover discussion patterns within the conversations?” To answer this research question, we […]

Paired-Samples T-Test


Keller Williams Realty approached us to help them forecast sales revenue from their properties. They were keen on gaining insights into potential improvements in their property sales revenue, recognizing the importance of informed decision-making for their real estate business. To comprehensively address their challenge, we used a dataset of 6,000 records over a three-year study […]

independent-samples t-test

Chargeback Detection

Amazon asked our team to tackle the critical issue of measuring the risk of friendly fraud, also known as chargeback fraud. The client recognized the importance of identifying and mitigating this fraud to safeguard their business and maintain customer trust. To tackle this challenge comprehensively, we leveraged a dataset from 5,000 customers over a two-year […]


Fraud Detection

Bank of America entrusted us with a critical mission – to delve into the intricate realm of fraud indicators. Their objective was to bolster their capacity to effectively identify and combat fraudulent activities. The client recognized that safeguarding customers and business operations from potential fraud was paramount. To approach this challenge comprehensively, we were armed […]



Ford Motor Company turned to us with a vital mission – to unravel the enigma of predicting their daily sales accurately. With an eye on optimizing their operations and planning for the future, the client sought a reliable way to foresee their sales performance on a day-to-day basis. Our research journey was fueled by a […]

statistical consulting

Customer Churn

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) entrusted us with a crucial mission – identifying customers at risk of leaving their service. The client aimed to enhance customer retention by proactively identifying and addressing potential churn, a vital concern for utility companies. Our research journey was supported by a comprehensive dataset encompassing 5,000 records collected over one […]

independent-samples t-test

Financial Markets

Citi entrusted us with a pivotal mission – to craft comprehensive macroeconomics and financial markets outlooks. The client aimed to gain insights into the broader economic landscape and financial market trends, which are crucial for making informed investment decisions and optimizing asset allocation strategies. Our research journey was supported by an extensive dataset comprising 6,000 […]



Geico presented us with a critical task – to predict the likelihood of a claim being associated with an accident. The client aimed to enhance their claims processing and risk assessment by proactively identifying claims that were part of accidents. Our research was underpinned by a robust dataset comprising 7,000 records, diligently collected over one […]


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