independent-samples t-test

Internet Use

The National Science Foundation funded a project to explore the effect of internet use on perceived performance. With the increasing integration of technology into education and daily life, the client sought to investigate whether the extent of internet use had a discernible effect on how individuals perceived their performance. To comprehensively address this research question, […]

binomial logistic regression

Firm Type

Apple, interested in learning about the effect of firm types on performance, approached our team. Apple sought to understand the underlying factors contributing to performance and identify potential areas. To tackle this problem, we had access to a substantial dataset primarily consisting of survey data. The data comprised demographic information related to 9,000 firms, and […]



Bank of America faced a pertinent question concerning its financial performance – Was there a meaningful relationship between the age of the bank and its financial outcomes? Eager to gain insights into this critical aspect of their operations, the bank engaged a team of statistical consultants to investigate this relationship using a robust survey dataset. […]

binomial logistic regression

Mathematics Performance

We were involved in a research project commissioned by the National Science Foundation. The project’s objective was to explore the effect of motivation on students’ mathematics performance. The client, committed to advancing education and understanding the factors that influence academic achievement, wanted to investigate the role of motivation in mathematics performance using data from the […]

Paired-Samples T-Test

Political Parties

This research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, aimed to investigate whether there were discernible differences in political party affiliation based on age. The client recognized the significance of understanding the difference in political party preferences based on age and thus initiated this study using a comprehensive dataset of survey responses from 12,000 participants […]

independent-samples t-test

Energy Savings

NextEra Energy sought to explore the effect of solar panel installation on homeowners’ energy savings. Recognizing the growing interest in renewable energy sources and sustainability, NextEra Energy embarked on a comprehensive research initiative to investigate whether adopting solar panels led to significant home energy savings. To address this inquiry comprehensively, we had access to a […]


Marketing Strategy

Accenture Interactive hired our team because it noticed a divergence in consumer behavior and brand image associated with its various marketing strategies. We recognized the importance of understanding these differences and delved deeper into the dynamics between marketing strategies and consumer perceptions. To do so, we had access to a substantial dataset of survey responses […]

Paired-Samples T-Test


This research project, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aimed to address a pressing concern related to the mental health and well-being of students – the potential difference in depression levels between students who have experienced bullying and their peers who have not. The project conducted a comprehensive survey-based study using a robust […]


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