independent-samples t-test

Relative Risk of Lung Cancer 

We compared the difference in relative risk (RR) of lung cancer between the intervention and control groups. The intervention group exhibited an increase in RR of lung cancer from pre to post. In contrast, the control group showed no statistically significant change.

binomial logistic regression

Allergic Patients

A global pharmaceutical company hired us to measure the differences between allergic and non–allergic patients. We found that there were significantly different responses to treatments between allergic and non–allergic patients using an independent t–test.

Paired-Samples T-Test

Blood Pressure

A global hospital hired our statistical consultants to compare blood pressure differences between patients with cancer and those without cancer. We found a significant difference in blood pressure between patients with cancer and patients without cancer.


Painkillers & Chronic Pain

A worldwide pharmaceutical company asked us to examine the impact of painkillers on chronic pain. Our statistical consultants performed a regression analysis and found that painkillers significantly affected chronic pain.

independent-samples t-test

Bending Stiffness

Our statisticians examined the differences in bending stiffness between 2.0 mm RP and 2.0 mm SP. We conducted ANOVA to test the hypothesis for this study, which confirmed a significant difference between 2.0 mm RP and 2.0 mm SP in bending stiffness.

binomial logistic regression


A major hospital requested statistical consulting to investigate the effect of blood transfusions on the risk of cancer in the recipients. We found that blood transfusions did not significantly affect the risk of cancer in the recipients.

Paired-Samples T-Test

Compound D-600

A major pharmaceutical company requested statistical consulting to examine the effect of compound D-600 on gluconeogenesis. We did a regression analysis and found that compound D-600 significantly affected gluconeogenesis.


Snore Fix

A local pharmaceutical company asked us to measure the impact of Snore Fix on snoring. Snore Fix is a snore-relieving throat spray. Subjects using Snore Fix were less likely to snore than subjects in the placebo group, validating our hypothesis.

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