This research project, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aimed to address a pressing concern related to the mental health and well-being of students – the potential difference in depression levels between students who have experienced bullying and their peers who have not. The project conducted a comprehensive survey-based study using a robust dataset comprising survey responses from 13,000 students to gain insights into this critical issue. The dataset was collected over six years, allowing for an in-depth examination of depression levels among both bullied students and their non-bullied peers.

We formulated the central hypothesis guiding the research as follows: H1 – There is a significant difference in depression between bullied students and their peers over time. We performed a mixed ANOVA using the statistical software R, a powerful statistical tool for comparing means between two groups over time and well-suited for investigating differences in depression levels over time.

The analysis yielded compelling findings that shed light on the client’s inquiry. The research revealed a statistically significant difference in depression levels between bullied students and their peers who had not experienced bullying over time. Specifically, bullied students had higher levels of depression compared to their non-bullied counterparts over time.

The client derived valuable insights from this research endeavor. By understanding the significant difference in depression levels associated with bullying, the client gained a deeper understanding of the mental health challenges faced by students who have experienced bullying. This knowledge informed prevention strategies, support programs, and mental health interventions to mitigate the adverse effects of bullying.


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