Marketing Strategy

Accenture Interactive hired our team because it noticed a divergence in consumer behavior and brand image associated with its various marketing strategies. We recognized the importance of understanding these differences and delved deeper into the dynamics between marketing strategies and consumer perceptions. To do so, we had access to a substantial dataset of survey responses from 5,000 consumers spanning two years.

The dataset primarily comprised survey data, which allowed us to gather valuable insights into consumer preferences, perceptions, and behaviors. The hypothesis was as follows: H1: There is a statistically significant difference in consumer behavior and brand image based on the various marketing strategies. We tested the hypothesis using Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA), utilizing the statistical software SPSS to conduct the analysis. MANOVA is most appropriate for assessing whether there are statistically significant differences in multiple dependent variables across different groups or levels of an independent variable, which aligns perfectly with the project’s objectives of comparing the effects of various marketing strategies on consumer behavior and brand image.

The findings from our MANOVA analysis were pivotal in addressing Accenture Interactive’s initial concern. Our results revealed a statistically significant difference in consumer behavior and brand image based on the various marketing strategies employed by the client. With data-driven insights, Accenture Interactive took proactive measures to optimize its marketing strategies. This strategic realignment resulted in improved consumer engagement and enhanced brand image. Ultimately, this project demonstrated how understanding the interplay between marketing choices and consumer behavior can improve business outcomes and underscored the significance of data-driven decision-making in shaping marketing strategies.


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