Steve Thomas, 5-star Trustpilot Review

My colleague recommended AMSTAT Consulting because he was satisfied with its service. Its team of PhDs did an excellent job. They successfully analyzed our data using SPSS and helped us publish the fantastic results in a journal article. They exceeded our high expectations.


Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed, 5-star Trustpilot Review

AMSTAT Consulting is a fantastic statistical consulting firm. Their work was professional, my needs were met, and where my wants were faulty, they were professional enough to guide me to the best outcome. I would recommend this service to everyone!


George Foster, 5-star Trustpilot Review

We were very impressed with their outstanding performance. They have done a very good job. I have been somewhat impressed that they programmed the analysis very well. Their work concerning motivation and physician performance has significant implications for medicine nationally. They are hard-working consultants with a genuine interest in statistical consulting. They are responsible and get their work done on time. On a personal level, they are pleasant to work with. I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting’s service to any researcher.


Ariail Barker, 5-star Trustpilot Review

They offer a unique combination of bright professionals who are also patient and talented advisors. We were very impressed by their performance. I would highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting whether your team wants to learn how to do predictive analysis or needs additional expertise in solving one of your most difficult challenges.


Andrzej, 5-star Trustpilot Review

Amazing experience. We had an outline for a scheduling tool we were trying to create, and Ann gave suggestions and completed the project perfectly.


Dr. Vincent Salyers, 5-star Trustpilot Review

I have worked closely with AMSTAT on the data analysis/results of two research projects, so feel as though I am knowledgeable about their expertise. The company provided reliable statistical analysis and results to translate into a publishable format on all accounts. They are conscientious experts who provide keen insights into appropriate statistical analysis given various data sets. I highly recommend them for your statistical support needs.

Prof. Mohamed Toufic El Hussein, 5-star Trustpilot Review

Extremely professional. Attends to your project needs with skills and expertise. Pays attentions to all details. Offers suggestions and recommendation for better and more effective use of your data. Creative and sincere. Thank you very much.

James, 5-star Trustpilot Review

They are the most qualified consultants with excellent backgrounds. They successfully analyzed our data and interpreted the results. We were very impressed with their outstanding knowledge regarding various analyses and software.


Max Samuel, 5-star Google Review

I used their service because my colleagues highly recommended them. They did a great job. They successfully implemented the statistical analysis and wrote up all results with tables. I was impressed with their high-quality work and their best customer service. I highly recommend them. I will use their services again.

Max Samuel

Scott McGee, 5-star Google Review

I was impressed by their work! Their specialists can help you determine whether you need qualitative vs. quantitative data analysis or both. They have analysts skilled in all aspects of both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. They have the most reasonable rates of any company offering qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Good job!

Max Samuel

Mark Louie, 5-star Manta Review

I had a great experience working with AMSTAT Consulting. The statisticians at AMSTAT Consulting were very quick to respond to my emails and very professional. The statistical knowledge was explained well. I would recommend working with AMSTAT Consulting.


Kay Muller, 5-star Manta Review

They did a great job on regression analysis. This provided great insight for me and will continue to help me make better decisions. I am confident in saying that they have helped move me forward.


Mark Bakacs, 5-star Manta Review

They came through with all they promised, and their guarantee to satisfy the customer came through every time in my transactions. They helped us with regression analysis, and we will use them in the future without questions. Their employees are very professional and friendly. A+++ in our eyes.


Amy Gilmore, 5-star Manta Review

The service is very professional, and I am pleased about receiving the paper before the due time. I am so glad to pass on AMSTAT Consulting’s services to others I know who are in the same situation.


James Smith, 5-star Manta Review

They are highly educated consultants. They implemented complicated analyses very well. They successfully explained the results. They are the best.


Max S., 5-star BBB Review

They are the ultimate rock stars. They are a highly professional, educated, and experienced team dedicated to helping their customers achieve success. One of the best teams I have ever worked with- highly responsive, innovative, and leveraging best practices. From kickoff to project completion, they never miss a beat and are always there to answer questions and provide intelligent insight. Looking forward to many more projects ahead.

Max S

Tom J., 5-star BBB Review

They did an excellent job conducting linear regression using SAS. They successfully ensured that the assumptions of linear regression were met. They drafted an excellent results document, including accurate tables and figures. They had expert knowledge to explain the results, so we could easily understand them.

Max S

Lisa Hadden, 5-star Facebook Review

We are one of the leading business groups, and when we look for data management and data analysis services for our business, we come across AMSTAT Consulting. One of our friends suggested this data analysis service to us. When we spoke with them, their representative satisfied us with their service, and we hired them. After hiring them, we feel that it is a reliable company and we will utilize this company again.

Lisa Hadden

Carey Williams, 5-star Facebook Review

I highly recommend AMSTAT Consulting. They possess the total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, and a results-driven mindset. They have led numerous projects that have helped our company maximize marketing efforts. The quality has been superior, and their client-service attitudes are tremendous. Their data analysis, writing, editing, project management, positive attitude, and continuous assistance were tremendous.


Wilson Emma, 5-star Facebook Review

AMSTAT Consulting is a worldwide data analysis corporation that uses exclusive data, innovative analysis, technology, and industry expertise to drive organizations and individuals around the world by transforming knowledge into information that helps make informed business and personal decisions. They are good at work, and I am highly stratified with their work. Because of their best services, I always recommend this company’s services to others.

Wilson Emma

Joanne Clarkson, 5-star Facebook Review

AMSTAT Consulting provides services to solve each statistical problem. AMSTAT Consulting can be used in all types of arenas. It can be helpful in business, health, psychology, and marketing since data analysis services have experts who use up-to-date and professional knowledge in all these fields. They are the best at work and always ready to work for their client’s satisfaction. That is why I always prefer to use their services and highly recommend them.


Nora Walker, 5-star Facebook Review

I have met many AMSTAT team members. I am confident that the initiative to anticipate client needs and compelling and concise communications will continue to grow and be what I need because they listen and act on customer feedback. Thank you, AMSTAT, for helping me develop a high-performance business.


Alexander Thomas, 5-star Facebook Review

We were in search of data analysis services for our businesses. When we searched on Google, we came across AMSTAT Consulting. We found out they provide the same services we require from their site. So we hired this company. Hiring them proves a good decision for us. Thanks to AMSTAT Consulting for the best services which they provide us!!

Alexander Thomas

Sophia Johnson, 5-star Facebook Review

A real high-class team. Thank you for a beautifully done project.


Sophia Hayat, 5-star Facebook Review

Great staff, excellent service. The main benefit is the level of support and service provided. AMSTAT Consulting has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Thanks, guys!


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