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dissertation consulting

Introduction Chapter:

  • We can assist you in identifying and articulating the research problem.

  • We can describe the theoretical construct.

  • We can talk about the nature of the study.

Literature Review Chapter:

  • We can help you effectively search, select, organize, and synthesize articles.

  • We can present your literature review in a way that tells a story and aligns with your research questions.

  • We can ensure the gap in the literature is clearly stated and aligns with the problem statement.

  • We can help replace and update articles as necessary.

Methodology Chapter:

  • We can help you select and discuss the research design.

  • We can provide the steps necessary for a qualitative or quantitative study.

  • We can ensure the data plan and sample size are accurate and select the correct analyses.

dissertation consulting

Results Chapter:

Statistical Analysis:

  • We can get your dataset ready for analysis.

  • We can input, organize, code, merge, manage, and clean your data.

  • We can create composite scores and label your data.

  • We can deal with missing data.

  • We can detect and correct your database’s inaccurate and unexpected records.

  • We can test reliability (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, inter-rater reliability)

  • We can test validity (e.g., convergent, construct, and discriminant validities).

  • We can conduct analyses and assess their assumptions.

  • We can provide you with syntax and raw output files.

  • We can write up the results, including tables and figures.

Qualitative Analysis:

  • We can code your qualitative data.

  • We can identify themes and sub-themes.

  • We can provide frequencies and percentages for each theme and sub-theme.

  • We can write up the results, including tables and figures.

Discussion Chapter:

  • We can help you interpret your results.

  • We can discuss your findings’ theoretical and practical implications and their relation to existing literature.

  • We can assist in developing future research.


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