Managers’ Spirituality

The National Science Foundation funded a research project to explore the role of managers’ spirituality in responsible managerial behavior. The client sought to understand the potential role of spirituality in promoting responsible decision-making among managerial staff.

To address this issue, we collected diverse data from interviews and observations. Over two years, we gathered data from 99 participants, ensuring a rich and nuanced perspective.

The research question, “How do managers’ spiritualities play a role in mitigating irresponsible behavior?” was pivotal in helping us understand the potential connections between spirituality and responsible decision-making within the managerial context. We conducted a thorough thematic analysis using NVivo to answer this research question. This thematic analysis allowed us to systematically identify and explore recurring themes, patterns, and insights within the interview and observational data.

Our analysis revealed a significant role of spirituality in promoting responsible conduct among managers. Participants shared experiences of spirituality playing a positive role in their decision-making processes, fostering a sense of moral responsibility and accountability.

With these profound findings, the client gained valuable insights into the potential effectiveness of managers’ spirituality in promoting responsible managerial behavior within organizational settings. With this knowledge, the client developed strategies and interventions to nurture these qualities within its managerial teams. The client’s benefit extended beyond research; it had practical implications for enhancing organizational responsible behavior. With a deeper understanding of the link between spirituality and responsible decision-making, the client implemented targeted initiatives and training programs to foster responsible leadership and a workplace integrity culture.

In summary, this research project contributed to the broader discourse on spirituality and responsible behavior in the academic world. The study provided actionable insights that could inform organizational practices and lead to more responsible and ethical managerial behavior.


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