Forecasting Sales

Google entrusted us with a critical mission – to forecast new site sales based on an analysis of data and the historical performance of existing operating companies. The client sought to make informed investment decisions by assessing the probability of achieving high returns on investments in new ventures.

A rich dataset from 65110 records underpinned our research. This data spanned a five-year study period, providing a comprehensive view of market dynamics and investment opportunities.

Our research question was precise and impactful: “What is the probability that investments in new companies will yield a high return?” This research question served as our guiding principle as we delved into the intricate world of investment analysis.

We embarked on a sophisticated analytical journey to address this research question effectively. We leveraged data-driven predictive models and harnessed the power of location analytics. This analytical prowess allowed us to precisely assess the potential returns on investments in new companies.

Our rigorous analysis yielded a pivotal discovery: Our predictive models and location analytics unveiled a significant probability – a 72.35% likelihood that investments in new companies would yield high returns. This finding provided Google with valuable insight into the potential outcomes of their investment decisions.

With our findings, Google gained a strategic advantage in their investment strategy. The client could now make more informed decisions when considering new ventures, optimizing their investment portfolio, and maximizing the likelihood of high returns.

In summary, this project fulfilled Google’s need to forecast new site sales and assess the probability of high returns on investments in new companies. The research findings empowered the client to make data-driven investment decisions, enabling them to seize promising opportunities and optimize their investment portfolio effectively.


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