Online Conversation

Facebook hired our team to understand relevant online conversations and identify their discussion patterns. We analyzed a dataset of 6103 records over a four-year study period to accomplish this. The guiding research question was, “How do we understand the relevant online conversation and discover discussion patterns within the conversations?” To answer this research question, we conducted an in-depth competitive analysis, which allowed us to identify patterns and trends that emerged among users.

Our analysis yielded a significant finding: there was a 68.13% probability that relevant online conversations could predict discussion patterns. This finding underscored the importance of monitoring the nature of online conversations to anticipate and influence discussion trends effectively.

Our research gave Facebook crucial insights into the relationship between online conversations and discussion patterns. Facebook could develop strategies for fostering relevant online conversations that align with their goals and objectives. These strategies helped Facebook optimize user engagement and content delivery, benefiting their platform and user community.

Our project addressed Facebook’s need to analyze online conversations and predict discussion patterns. The research findings provided actionable insights that informed content strategy and user engagement efforts, ultimately contributing to a more informed and user-centric platform.


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