Allergic Patients

Pfizer approached our statistical consulting team with a critical question: Are allergies significantly affecting treatment responses? Pfizer was committed to ensuring the effectiveness of their products and needed to investigate this matter thoroughly. We undertook a meticulous data analysis to address the research question and evaluate the hypothesis. We determined the sample size using a […]

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independent-samples t-test

Compound D-600

Roche embarked on a research endeavor to investigate the effect of compound D-600 on gluconeogenesis, which is a crucial metabolic process that affects human health. Roche recognized the significance of this relationship in advancing medical knowledge and drug development and sought statistical consulting to conduct a comprehensive survey-based study. We determined the sample size using

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Paired-Samples T-Test

Bending Stiffness

Johnson & Johnson entrusted our team with conducting a research initiative to explore variations in bending stiffness and strength based on fiber diameter. The objective was to understand the relationships between these critical properties and fiber diameter, which is paramount for developing and optimizing pharmaceutical products. We determined the sample size using a robust power

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Painkillers & Chronic Pain

Novartis engaged our team to conduct a comprehensive survey-based study investigating the effect of painkillers on chronic pain management. The study’s objective was to provide healthcare providers and patients with valuable insights into the effectiveness of pain medications in managing this challenging condition. We built the research project on a substantial dataset of 11,000 patient

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independent-samples t-test

Snore Fix

SnoreRx had set out to scientifically evaluate their product’s effectiveness in reducing snoring – Snore Fix, a snore-relieving throat spray. The company recognized snoring as a common sleep-related issue, which often becomes a cause of concern for individuals and their sleep partners. To undertake this research initiative, SnoreRx approached us, seeking our expertise in conducting

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