Clinical Data Science


Clinical data science studies data from clinical trials to improve patient care. Clinical data science combines mathematical skills with a strong knowledge of how clinical trials are conducted and the results they produce.

  • Our clinical data science team provides a diverse set of services.

  • We apply strong knowledge to support companies with their challenges.


  • Development of bespoke visualizations to support data interpretation and monitoring

  • Algorithm development and the use of machine learning to support precision medicine

  • Maximization of the value of patient-generated data such as wearables and biosensors

  • Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to maximize the value of clinical data and its metadata

  • Identification of data sources and associated analytics to answer critical questions

  • Development of data visualizations enabling teams to explore data

  • Analysis of historical and operational data, providing data insights and driving benefit

  • Integration & analysis of clinical data alongside electronic healthcare records (EHRs), real world data (RWD), and other omics datasets


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