CRO statistical services


  • We can support the planning and analysis of your clinical trial program. In addition, we can provide expert statistical solutions and experienced technical advice.

  • Our experts provide various services to understand the effect of a test product on safety. For example, we carry out planned analyses.

  • Our team ensures accurate results in a timely fashion. In addition, quality control is achieved for analyzing datasets via independent programming.

  • We provide many ad hoc analyses for publication summaries and external/internal review meetings.

  • We can also offer a wide range of customized reports and analyses to help you understand your data.


  • Knowledgeable and customer-focused support for randomization

  • Statistical programming

  • Statistical analyses

  • Statistical reporting

  • CDISC and ADaM submission-ready dataset development and quality control for submission compliance

  • Dataset development and quality control for integrated summaries of safety (ISS) and integrated summaries of efficacy (ISE)

  • Tables, listings, and figures development and quality control

  • Tables, listings, and figures development and quality control for ISS and ISE

  • Interim analysis support

  • Annual clinical trial safety updates

  • Data monitoring committee (DMC), safety committee, and endpoint committee support

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