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Why do businesses turn to AMSTAT Consulting?

♦ Expert statistical solutions

We ensure accurate results in a timely fashion. In addition, our programmers achieve quality control for analyzing datasets via independent programming.

♦ Data standards

We implement the latest advances in data standards and industry requirements. Additionally, our statisticians can offer you clean data.

♦ Scientific knowledge

Our statistical consultants work closely with our entire project team throughout your study. In addition, they apply scientific knowledge to support you.

♦ 100% success

Our five-star reviews and 100% success with over 10,000 businesses speak for themselves for 17 years.

♦ Team of PhDs 

Our team of PhDs possesses deep industry and technical expertise.

We can help you with any or all of the following steps:

  • Establishing and operationalizing your hypotheses and research questions

  • Providing ample instruction on the methods used

  • Determining the ideal sample size using a power analysis

  • Calculating the sample size from statistical power, effect size, and significance level

  • Inputting, organizing, coding, merging, managing, and cleaning your data

  • Creating composite scores and labeling your data

  • Getting your dataset ready for analysis

  • Detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from a database

  • Testing reliability (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, inter-rater reliability) 

  • Testing validity (e.g., content validity, construct validity, criterion validity)

  • Conducting analyses and assessing assumptions 

  • Writing up all the results, including tables and figures

  • Providing syntax and raw output file

  • Explaining and interpreting the results

  • Allowing unlimited e-mail and phone support

  • Providing unlimited free revisions for ten days from your final deadline 

  • Supporting you until your project is complete.

Examples of Our Statistics Consulting Projects

Internet Use

November 23rd, 2022|0 Comments

Our consultants examined the effect of internet use on perceived performance. We performed a regression analysis to determine that internet use significantly affected perceived performance. Contact Us 24/7 for a [...]

Firm Size & Performance

November 22nd, 2022|0 Comments

A major technology company requested statistical consulting to examine the effect of firm size on the performance of firms. The hypothesis was as follows: H1: There is a significant effect of firm size on [...]

Financial Performance

November 21st, 2022|0 Comments

Our analysts measured the difference in financial performance between commercial banks and investment banks by performing a t-test. We concluded that there was a significant financial performance difference between commercial banks and investment banks, t(38)=2.428, p<0.05.  [...]

  • statistical consulting

Marketing Strategy

November 20th, 2022|0 Comments

A global marketing firm hired our statistical consultants to examine the effect of marketing strategy on sales performance. In conclusion, marketing strategy significantly and positively affected sales performance. We performed a regression analysis. [...]

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