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Our Analytics Consulting Team’s Expertise

Why do businesses turn to AMSTAT Consulting?

♦ Team of PhDs 

Our analytics team of PhDs complements our high-quality statistics, programming, and data management services. 

♦ Experts in analytics

Our global teams of consultants and leading data scientists and analysts possess deep industry and technical expertise. 

♦ Highest quality

We deliver insight and impact for clients, providing analytics architecture and solutions.

♦ Competitive advantage

We can work with our client’s preferred technologies and platforms. We build skills to ensure that analytics becomes a competitive advantage.

Analytics Consulting 

analytics consulting

Digital Consulting

Achieve better performance through data

We help clients build analytics-driven organizations. We help clients capture the most value from data using the latest techniques.

Growth by design

We spot opportunities in customer needs, invent concepts, and make organizations more innovative.

Modernizing technology and accelerating impact

We work with clients to deliver transformations. 

analytics consulting


Identify drivers of high performance

We dig deep to find the factors that affect organizational performance. 

Streamline recruiting and diversify hiring

We use advanced analytics to identify characteristics associated with successful hires and evaluate candidates. 

Benchmark against the industry

We identify new recruiting sources and compare your workforce to competitors.

analytics consulting


Supply-chain management

We help clients adopt a perspective on supply chain management.


We help clients improve manufacturing strategy, quality, asset productivity, and energy efficiency. 

Service operations

We help clients across all their service functions, including customer experience, service strategy and delivery, business support functions, and customer care.

Strategy and Corporate Finance

Access to unparalleled expertise and insights

We can develop insights that help our clients make strategic decisions.

Long-standing leadership in strategy topics

We bring clients the most powerful solutions for tackling strategic challenges. 

Greater clarity and confidence in decision making

We help clients sift through the complexity of strategic planning to understand where the uncertainties lie. 

analytics consulting


Credit risk modeling and analytics

We work across all asset classes, credit risk models, and the credit life cycle. We cover various sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and government agencies. Our work helps clients address six strategic imperatives:

  • Understanding and adapting to changing consumer behavior
  • Mining the vast amounts of available data
  • Expanding the credit “buy box”
  • Increasing penetration of the customer base
  • Containing credit risk within the portfolio
  • Understanding aggregate risk levels.

Stress testing and balance-sheet analytics

Our stress-testing abilities include generating scenarios and assessing their impact on the client’s profit and loss and balance sheet. 

Operational risk and fraud analytics

We provide advanced operational risk and compliance analytics. In addition, we support institutions in solving the most complex analytical problems. 

Model validation

Our abilities in advanced analytics allow us to assist clients in model validation. 

Machine learning

We help clients complement traditional risk analytics with machine learning to find unidentified patterns and make predictions. 

Institutional-investment analytics

We help institutional investors understand the risk and return potential of their portfolios. We help clients analyze risk factors and enhance their asset-allocation methodologies. 

Insurance analytics

We help insurers apply advanced analytics to address critical issues. 

Marketing & Sales

Customer life-cycle management

We help clients use proprietary customer data and analytics to acquire and retain customers effectively.

Pricing and promotions

We help clients manage their pricing and promotions to optimize their return on sales.

Assortment optimization

Our approach has the flexibility to optimize at multiple levels.

Analytic transformation

We can define a vision, develop use cases, and build abilities to create strategic value and a competitive edge. 

Our Approach to Analytics Consulting

Analytics Consulting Leader


Examples of Our Analytics Consulting Projects

  • statistical consulting

Forecasting Sales

November 26th, 2022|0 Comments

Our consultants forecasted sales of new sites based on the data and sales of the operating companies. In addition, we built predictive models. Additionally, we used location analytics. There is a 72.35% probability that [...]

  • statistical consulting

Online Conversation

November 22nd, 2022|0 Comments

Our analysts developed an understanding of the relevant online conversation and discovered discussion patterns within the set of conversations. In addition, this in-depth “competitive analysis” focused primarily on conversations with patients and caregivers. Additionally, [...]

  • One-Way MANCOVA

Forecast Algorithm

November 21st, 2022|0 Comments

Our analysts built predictive models to forecast the sales revenue derived from properties. Thus, our findings indicate a 93.82% probability that the sales revenue derived from properties will improve.

  • statistical consulting

Chargeback Detection

November 21st, 2022|0 Comments

A major technology firm asked us to measure friendly fraud (aka chargeback fraud) risk. Thus, we developed an analytical algorithm and data modeling set to predict the customers most likely to request a chargeback. [...]

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